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Who is gunning for Hank and the brewery that's been in his family for generations? Who is behind the mysterious Saint Secaire Brewery? Is it Josh, former sweatshop owner and former punch recipient, trying to exact his revenge on Hank for ending his exploitative business? Or is it Zelphia Dipthong, Josh's enigmatic attorney, who arrives unannounced at his home? Or one of the other devious criminals from Hank's past?

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Game of Phones: Part 3

What’s a little speculative fiction without a bald-faced ripoff and anachronistic speculation? Imagining Game of Thrones with less imperfect, outdated information: pervasive landlines and occasional cell phones, like if Westeros was in 1995. P.S. GRRRRR Martin, please don’t sue my breeches off. “Ned?  Is that you?  Can you hear me?” The voice, even as the [more]

[posted on November 6th, 2014]
Differential diagnosis between me and GRRRRRMartin

You may have trouble determining the difference between the eleven-banded and thirteen-banded chipmunk.  Actually that’s a shitty example, unless you can’t count.  You may have difficulty determining what type of pine tree that you’re looking at, unless you find the key differences in needle clumping and size of the acorn.  That’s exactly how it is [more]

[posted on April 9th, 2014]
Turkey Storm 2013: The Roasting Roof Raiser, part 5

The food coma is over. Mostly. To recap: the Graves’ household had local turkey, Syracuse salt potatoes, crepes and cookies.  Below is the turkey, fresh out of the oven and resting. I suspect that in the postprandial minutes and hours I was more than half dinner by weight.  And it took all day to make, [more]

[posted on December 27th, 2013]
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